How to Install Unilevel MLM Plan for WooCommerce

A Unilevel MLM plan is a type of compensation plan commonly used in network marketing. In this plan, distributors can sponsor unlimited frontline members, and there are no width limitations. Each distributor is placed on the frontline, and commissions are paid on multiple levels based on sales volume or other qualifying criteria.

  • Install and Activate WooCommerce (free)
  • Unilevel MLM WooCommerce is an extension of WooCommerce, so you must have WooCommerce installed for Unilevel MLM WooCommerce to work.
  • From the WordPress Dashboard, click Plugins > Add New.
  • In the Search field, enter WooCommerce and choose WooCommerce to install the plugin.
  • After installation, click Activate.
  • Upload the Unilevel MLM WooCommerce, Plugin File.
  • Activate Unilevel MLM WooCommerce, WordPress Plugin.

Server Requirements

As you know this system is in WordPress CMS. The WordPress CMS has a few system requirements.
You will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements:

  • PHP 7.4 or greater
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB 10.1 or greater
  • Nginx or Apache with mod_rewrite module
  • HTTPS support

Plan Setup

Plan Settings Steps :

  • Login to the website’s admin panel
  • Go to Settings > admin settings, and fill in your website settings (like title, subtitle logo)
  • Go to Plugins > Activate WooCommerce before activating umw plan.
  • Go to Plugins > Activate Unilevel mlm woocommerce plan.

Create First User

Plan Settings Steps: Go to Settings if the first user is registered then you will directly jump on general settings otherwise you have to create the first user.

  1. Username –> Enter your username.
  2. Password –> Enter the password.
  3. Confirm password –> Enter the password that is the same as the password.
  4. Email –> Enter your valid email.
  5. First name –> Enter your First name.
  6. Last name –> Enter your Last name.

That’s Done!!

General Settings

General settings steps :

  1. Register Users to FMW during checkout –> if you checked this option then the user can register during the checkout process.
  2. Redirect After Registration –> Select the page where the normal user will redirect after registration.
  3. Affiliate user Redirect Page –> Select the page where the affiliate user will be redirected after registration.
  4. No. of referrals –> is the maximum number of referrals that can be joined directly under a single person.
  5. No. of level –> is the maximum number of level users who can get a level commission.
  6. Withdrawal limit –> Enter the withdrawal limit, how much money you can withdraw, and update settings.
  7. Plan Based On –> Select your plan base, which means you want to run your plan on price value or want to run on point value.
  8. Conversion rate –> If you chose Point you have to enter conversion rate.

That’s Done!!

Eligibility Settings

Eligibility settings steps :

  1. No personal Referrals –> That eligibility is eligible for the user for payout, when the user’s referrals are equal to total personal referrals then the user is eligible for payout.
  2. Distribute ineligible Commissions –> Enable the option if you want to distibute commission.
  3. update settings.

That’s Done!!

Mapping Settings

Mapping settings steps :

  1. Order completion status –> When an order is placed and the order status is changed to selected status the user becomes paid and the sponsor and parent’s commission will be generated.
  2. update settings.

That’s Done!!

Payout Settings

Payout Settings Steps :

  1. Company Commission –> This amount is deducted from each payout and credited this amount in the first user account.
  2. Join Commission –> This amount will be credited to each user’s account and that commission is only one-time credit to the user’s account.
  3. Referral Commission –> This commission Amount is created in the user’s account when they add the users to the network who is a sponsor that gets this amount and this amount would be in fixed or Percentage(if this amount in percent then the percent amount will be calculated from the order total).
  4. Service Charge –> This Amount is debited from user’s total created amount when payout run and this amount would be in fixed or Percentage.
  5. Tax Deduction –> This Amount is debited from user’s total created amount when payout run and this amount would be in fixed or Percentage.
  6. Cap Limit Amount –> Cap limit is prevent the payout amount limit , that prevent the payout amount never be greater to cap limit amount.
  7. Update settings.

That’s Done!!

Bonus Settings

Bonus Settings Steps :

  1. No. of direct referral –> Enter the no. of direct referral.
  2. Payout amount –> Enter payout amount.
  3. Add/Remove –> You can add slab on click of add button to add the new row, you can add how much you want, for delete the row you have to click on remove button.
  4. Update settings.

That’s Done!!

Bonus Settings

Bonus Settings Steps :

  1. Level Name –> You need to give the name to each level if you are not want to give name then enter only 1 2 3 …
  2. Commission Amount –> Set commission amount to each level, which user on that level user get the amount(if commission type is percent then each product have the setting for level commission amount the amount will be calculate from that).
  3. Update settings.

That’s Done!!

Licence Settings

Lisence Settings Steps :

  1. Licence –> Enter your licence key to use the plugin and this key is provide by us, If you don’t have key then click on purchase licence and perchase the licence.
  2. Update settings.

That’s Done!!

Calculate Commission

Before Calculate i remind you the settings.

  • Referral commission –>15%
  • Join Commission –>10%
  • Company Commission –>15%
  • Regular Bonus –>2Ref : 100rs, 4Ref : 250rs, 8Ref : 350rs, 12Ref : 700rs, 15Ref : 1500rs, 20Ref : 2000rs.
  • Level Commission –> 1:25%, 2:22%, 3:17%, 4:13.5%, 5:10.5%, 6:7.5%, 7:4.5%.
  • Product Level commission Setting is 50% Means Level Commission Calculate From the 50% of Product price.
  • When Register user 2 & user 3 under user 1 And both Purchase a product(5000 rs). Lets check commissions and genealogy.
  • User 2 purchase is 5000 and also user 3 purchase is 5000.
  • Referral commission by user 2 is 15% of 5000 is:-
  • 5000*15/100=750.00
  • same amount by user3
  • Referral Commission is 750.00+750.00=1500.00
  • User 2 and User 3 Parent is User 1 and user 1 is on 1st Level
  • Level Commission by user 2 is 25% of 2500
  • (Because Product have the 50% level commission so level commission is calculate from 2500.00)
  • 2500*25/100=625.00
  • Same amount by user3
  • Level Commission is 625.00+625.00=1250.00
  • User 1 have now 2 referrals (user2 & user3) so according to setting 2Ref:100rs
  • Regular Bonus is 100.00
  • Company commission by user 2 is 15% of 5000 is:-
  • 5000*15/100=750.00
  • same amount by user3
  • Company Commission is 750.00+750.00=1500.00

That’s Done!!

How to run payout?

Go to umw > Run Payout. Here is all type of commission that user will get.

  • Payout run : Here you will find the run payout button. Click on this button to run payout.

How can i check user reports?

Go to umw > User Report. Here you will see user reports listing with total comissions, bonuses and deductions.

  • Action : Here you will find the button. click on this buuton to cheack particular user report.
  • Personal detail : Here you will find the all personol detail of user.
  • Company commission : If this user is company then you can see companay commision .
  • Level commission : Here you can see level commision of user.
  • Join commission : Here you can see join commision of user.
  • Referrel commission : Here you can see referrel commision of user.

How can i check Payout Reports?

Go to umw > Payout report. here you will see master payouts listing with total comissions, bonuses and deductions.

  • To view details of the payout click on the action button, here you will see the user’s payouts with their total commissions, bonuses, and deductions.
  • To view the user’s payout details click on the action button, and you will see complete details of that user’s payout.


In our system we have developed genealogy with d3.v4 onganization chart.

How To Manage Withdrawals Requests?

Go to umw > Withdrawals. Here you will see user withdrawal requests.
Click on action pay button to change status of withdrawal request. you can change withdrawal status only once. 

  • To view details of witdrawal click on action pay button, here you will see the user’s witdrawal requset and you can accept requst and you can see history of witdrawal .
  • Here you will get the all detail of witdwaral request. and history of witdrawal request. here we have three sections.
  • withdrawal requestHere you will get the all detail of withdrawal request.
  • Bank detailhere we have account detail of user for the payment.
  • payment formpayment form for change the status of payment .
  • withdrawal historyhere we have history of withdrawal, paid request, process request,initiate request.

SMS Settings

Click on Gateway button to see gateway settings,In our system we have developed three SMS gateway.

  • To use TEXT LOCAL SMS gateway fill all the credential of TEXL LOCAL SMS gateway
  • To use Twilio SMS gateway fill all the credential of Twilio SMS gateway
  • To use Plivo SMS gateway fill all the credential of Plivo SMS gateway

Click on SMS settings button to see SMS settings.

  • Write the message in message box that you want to send to user .
  • Select the mail type for what you re typing mail.
  • Click and use in message you can use these keywords in your message.
  • Click on Submit button to save the message.

Mail Center

Go to Mail Center If admin want to send mail to any user he can send mail using mail center.

  • Select the user whom you want to send mail
  • Enter the subject of the mail
  • Type the message that you want to send to the user

Mail Settings

Go to Mail Settings To see mail settings.

  • Write the mail in the message box that you want to send to the user.
  • Select the mail type for what you’re typing mail.
  • Click and use in the message you can use these keywords in your mail.
  • Click on the Submit button to save the mail.


  1. username–> Your username should be unique otherwise it will return an error.
  2. First Name–> Enter your first name.
  3. Last name–> Enter your last name.
  4. Password–> Enter your password.
  5. Confirm password–> Enter your confirm password, the password and confirm password should match otherwise, it will return an error.
  6. parent name –> Enter your parent name, parent is the person that is just uplines you.
  7. Address–> Enter your Address.
  8. Email–> Your Email also should be unique otherwise it will return an error.
  9. Sponsor name–> Enter your sponsor name, the sponsor is a person who refers you to this plan.
  10. Mobile no.–> Select your country phone code enter your mobile no. and click on get otp to verify your number.

That’s Done!!

Join or Login

  1. Phone–> Enter your Phone .
  2. Sponsor–> Enter your Sponsor name.

That’s Done!!

User Dashboard

  1. User earning–> User earning details how much user earn, how much withdrawal by user and the no. of referrals.
  2. This section is display the user’s all details like that.

That’s Done!!


In our system we have developed genealogy with d3.v4 onganization chart .

That’s Done!!

User Payout Details

User Payout details :

  1. payout list–> Here we have total payout list details you can check how much commission you get from which commission.
  2. particular commission–> If you want to know abount particular commission then Check on tab that you want to know about.

That’s Done!!

User Account Details

User account details :

  1. Plese fill your all details otherwise you can not withdrawal amount from your account Update your account details.

That’s Done!!

User Withdrawal Details

User Withdrawal details :

  1. Account details–> Here we have total amount deatils your current amount,requested amount and panding amount.
  2. Withdraw Amount–> Withdrawal form enter your amount how much you want to withdrawal and click on request now to withdrawal tha amount.
  3. Withdrawal List–> You have withdrawal amount deatils .

That’s Done!!