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A “Free demo – Unilevel MLM Plan with WooCommerce, WordPress Plugins” typically refers to a trial or demonstration version of a plugin designed specifically for WordPress or WooCommerce websites, catering to businesses involved in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) using a Unilevel compensation plan.

In the context of this phrase:

  1. Free Demo: It implies that the plugin provider offers a limited version or trial of their Unilevel MLM plugin without any charge. This allows interested users to explore the plugin’s functionalities, interface, and features before making a purchase.
  2. Unilevel MLM Plan: The plugin is tailored to support the Unilevel MLM compensation structure. In a Unilevel plan, distributors can sponsor an unlimited number of distributors on their frontline, forming a direct line of recruits. Commissions are earned based on sales or activities within this structure.
  3. WooCommerce, WordPress Plugins: These plugins are specifically designed to integrate with WordPress websites, particularly those using WooCommerce—a popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. They provide functionalities related to MLM, such as managing genealogy, calculating commissions, tracking sales, and supporting Unilevel compensation plans.

These demos or trial versions allow users to evaluate if the plugin meets their business needs, fits seamlessly into their WordPress/WooCommerce environment, and provides the necessary features for managing their MLM operations before committing to a purchase or subscription.

Demo Details - Unilevel Mlm Plan with WooCommerce

Backend - Admin

Username: Demo_admin

Password: admin@0571

Frontend - User

Username: user

Password: user@1234

Feature of Unilevel Mlm Plan with WooCommerce

User Report

Genealogy Tree

Run Payout

User Dashboard